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Use of Bear Lake and Lodge Pool for BVRI 2019 Members

Summer is finally here.  The snow is gone!  If you haven’t already joined BVRI for 2019  this would be the time to join so that you have access to Bear Lake/Beaches and the Lodge Pool.

Use of  Bear Lake: Remember that the lake and beach use is for BVRI members, their family and their guests only. Mike, the beach attendant,  will have a list of BVRI 2019 designated primary members so be sure to let family and guests know that person’s name and your lot number or BV street adddress.

Use of the Lodge Pool- Read Carefully:  The lodge pool will be free to BVRI 2019 members and their family and guests.  Here is how it is going to work.    Each 2019 BVRI  “primary member” (as designated on the BVRI membership form)  will  receive a “pool use” card, starting Monday July 8.  If the family members, guests, or friends, have the card in their possession  they will be able to have access to the pool with no charge.   The lodge will issue the pool use cards when a family member or co-owner first goes to the pool.  There will only be one card per membership, so  be sure to keep  your card in a safe place and remind users of your card to put the card back where you have agreed to keep it. If a card is lost or stolen there will be a $10 card replacement fee.

Cards will be ready for pickup at the Lodge Front desk starting Monday, July 8.  Members will need to check in, sign a waiver and receive the daily code for pool access.

Note:  Once cards are issued members/guests will simply present the card  at the Lodge’s front desk and receive the daily code i.e. members/guests must visit the front desk even after they receive their card to get the daily access code.

Important:  Pool Use for the July 4 weekend,  anyone wanting to use the pool will check in with Arlene or Savannah at the Front desk.  They have been given the list  of BVRI members.

Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: TBD - September



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