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BVRI Board Elections are coming in February! Current Candidate Statements are below:

Cathy Block Daves

“I first visited Bear Valley in winter of 2018 and fell in love. I bought our Schimke Court cabin in Bear Valley in 2020 and lived here full time for a year with my family during Covid. I now live and work in Oakland and rent my cabin part time on VRBO, but continue to spend as much time in Bear Valley as I can. I love the outdoors – particularly hiking & backpacking (ask me about hiking from Highway 4 to Pinecrest – highly recommended!) and I recently learned to snowcamp. My 14-year-old daughter and I are on the Bear Valley ski devo teams, and I continue to work on my cross-country skills; I’m taking an avalanche course this winter and am also considering backcountry touring. I don’t currently have a snowmobile, so you may see me snowshoeing to my cabin pulling a cargo sled. Although I’m a little shy socially, if you see me, please say hi! I work in technology, managing a team of machine-learning engineers building revenue management systems for hotels. I would like to join the BVRI Board because I have long been grateful for the work the Board does, from beach maintenance and fire prevention to community building and supporting the post office, and feel like I can make an important contribution. I am especially interested in streamlining BVRI membership processes, helping with the website and communications, and in efforts to further build community. I am skilled at organizing projects and teams as well as building software, and would like to use these skills to further the mission of BVRI”.

Matthew Johnson:

My family’s ties to Bear Valley span more than four decades through our property ownership and cabin. Bear isn’t just a location; it’s a part of my upbringing—where skiing, fishing, and family getaways formed the fabric of my childhood. Now, as a parent myself, I’ve continued this tradition, spending significant time here with my kids during both the summer and winter seasons.

My desire to join the BVRI board stems from a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of our community. I’m dedicated to enhancing our collective experience and making tangible improvements that benefit us all. One key area of focus for me is fire safety; I believe it’s crucial for us to implement measures like tree thinning and educational initiatives on creating defensible spaces to safeguard our community against potential risks. I am also committed to keeping Bear Valley financially sound through sustainable services that all members of the community can utilize.

My extensive history with Bear Valley has instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility toward its future. I’m eager to contribute my perspective and efforts to propel our community forward.

When not in Bear Valley, my family and I live in Solana Beach where I direct clinical research activities for a diabetes care company headquartered in the San Diego area.

Ron Murphy

Ron Murphy and family fell in love with Bear Valley and built their Cabin in 1986.  Ron was very involved with the design and construction of the home and, as a result was invited to join the Architectural Review Committee.  He co-sponsored the update and ratification of the original CC&Rs in 1992 and has been a staunch supporter of them ever since.  He is asking for support in re-election to the BVRI Board of Directors to continue to support the community, especially now with new ownership of the mountain resort and village.

Steve Schwabauer: 

My name is Steve Schwabauer and I am running for reappointment to what will be my third term on the BVRI Board of Directors.  I have over twenty five years experience in providing legal and management services to local governments.  Together with my fellow Board Members I have worked to increase revenue to accomplish fuel reduction on BVRI managed properties and support local events including the BVRI bbq, Music Festival, and New Years Fireworks.  We are blessed with an incredible natural space to recreate and I firmly believe we should fund the activities necessary to preserve it. Thank you for your continued support of the Board’s efforts.  

Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: Aug. 31

Time: 4pm

Location: In person in Bear Valley, possibly hybrid/Zoom. Details to follow.

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