Keeping Bear Valley residents
informed and involved.

BVRI Board of Directors

Note:  See expiration of term at the end of the page.

President- Colin McKee
(650) 814-4445

Vice President-Jill Wegenstein
(650) 464-0083

Secretary-Eric Jung
(209) 753-2334

Treasurer-Curt Wozniak
(650) 868-5843

Rajka Colic
(408) 799-3885

Jean Paul Derouin

Larry Johnson
(925) 408-7787

Kim LeMieux
(650) 400-0308

Randy Mancini

Ron Murphy

Ann Porteus
(650) 302-1325

Ken Schultz
(760) 753-3502

Steve Schwabauer
209 329-0250

David Sanderson
(650) 619-2950

Rob Wiercinski


Term Expires 2021
Rajka Colic
Colin McKee
Ron Murphy
Ann Porteus
Steve Schwabauer

Term Expires 2022:
Jean Paul Derouin
Kim LeMieux
Randy Mancini
David Sanderson
Curt Wozniak

Term Expires 2023
Lawrence Johnson
Eric Jung
Ken Schulz
Jill Wegenstein
Rob Wiercinski

Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: December 5, 2020

Time: 4:00 pm

Location: Zoom meeting

Upcoming Events

Sites to check to see what’s happening in Bear Valley.

Bear Valley Mountain Resort 

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Bear Valley Business Association sponsored events.

Keep your eye out for postings on Bear Valley Nextdoor.

Bear Valley Trails for information on ways to get involved in maintaining and building new local Bear Valley trails.