Keeping Bear Valley residents
informed and involved.

Get Involved

There are many ways to learn about what is happening in Bear Valley.

In addition there are numerous ways that permanent and part-time residents and friends of Bear Valley can help to strengthen the local economy and support a healthy and vibrant community. If you would like to get involved in the Bear Valley community? Contact us & let us know you are interested. And watch for announcements on this website.

Ideas for Supporting Bear Valley’s Economy

  • Patronize local businesses and service providers at every opportunity
  • Eat out as often as possible; consider dining out nearly every visit to town
  • Help to increase the population of the town by (1) opening up an unused rental unit in your home or (2) renting out your entire home seasonally
  • Visit town more often
  • Bring friends and family to town more often and possibly have them rent a second house or condo
  • Schedule a business retreat or professional organization meeting in Bear Valley that makes use of lodging and restaurant facilities
  • Regularly post something on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. about your Bear Valley visit, upcoming plans, great experience. Help make some noise for BV.
  • Encourage any media contacts that are friends or family to write about Bear Valley. This could include company newsletters, blogs, newspapers, etc.
  • Talk to the various  BV business owners and let them know products or services that you would purchase that they may not be providing.
  • Watch for opportunities to serve as volunteers on the BVMF Board, BVRI Board, CSA Board, at the library, at the museum, with the Soapbox Derby, the BVRI picnic
  • Join the Friends of the Library and Ebbetts Pass Historical Association, and of course BVRI.

Help with the Annual July 4th Picnic

Contact us & let us know you are interested.

Help with Lot Inspections for Preventing Forest Fires

Contact us & let us know you are interested.

Join the BVRI Board

Contact us & let us know you are interested.  Certain requirements needed such as being a BVRI member and owning/renting in our community.

Become a member of BVRI

By becoming a member of the BVRI community you will be supporting a variety of things in Bear Valley. Check out the Membership to learn about the benefits of membership and how to join. Membership is an annual membership.

Support the Bear Valley Music Festival 

Bear Valley Music Festival  (BVMF) is always in need of help to pull of this wonderful summer event. Check  out the BVMF website for details. All ideas are welcome.

A  primary need is to provide housing for the musicians and staff/crew. Artists come from all over the country and they are very appreciative of the hospitality provided by our community. They  have a need for a bedroom, an entire house or condo; the biggest need is for the two week festival itself.   For a few of the staff and crew—they need housing from a week before and the week after the festival ends.    Please keep BVMF  in mind as your summer plans come together. Contact  Joyce Shefren; if you would like more information or if you would like to obtain a housing donation form. Email is the best way to connect:   (or cell 650 380-4293)

Join the Bear Valley Mountain Coop

Check out the BVMC Website to get the most up-to-date information and to learn how to join the Coop.

Participate in the Adopt a Highway Program

BVRI has been accepted for the Caltrans Adopt-a-Highway program.  Our responsibility is the 2-mile eastbound stretch of Highway 4 from the Alpine County sign to the Alpine Ranger Station.. It’s an easy way to make a contribution to the environment while getting exercise at the same time.  Interesting what one finds out there!   Contact us  to let us know you are interested.  The pickup takes place during the summer months.  Date for cleanup will be posted on this website (

Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: Aug. 31

Time: 4pm

Location: In person in Bear Valley, possibly hybrid/Zoom. Details to follow.

Upcoming Events

Click on the event for more details. Click here for larger calendar view.

NOTE: The events listed here are not necessarily affiliated with BVRI. This calendar is provided as a service to the community. If you would like to list (or update) an event, please email