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President’s Message

BVRI President Message
March 2021

2020 showed us once again that the best laid plans are often thwarted. At the same time failing to plan is assured to always find failure. It is in that spirit that I must first thank and acknowledge my fellow board members, who planned and called audibles when the best laid plans were indeed interrupted.  A special acknowledgment must go to past President Colin McKee who met controversy and even anger with a calm dignity that I will endeavor to emulate.

Fuel reduction topped much of the Board’s agenda last year.  If we are to escape the fate of many a forest community we must act decisively to reduce fuels.  The Board spent over ten thousand dollars removing the infamous leaning tree near the small beach and over twenty dead trees on the large beach.  Many thanks to Jay’s Tree Service not only for the excellent pricing but also the sculpture gifts he left on the large beach!

Board volunteers once again surveyed each property for dead trees, limbs over chimneys and excess fuels.  And many of you responded!   Certainly more fuel was removed from our community than I have seen in my family’s five years of ownership.  Yet more remains to be done.  That recognition was a big part of the Board’s decision to raise voluntary dues and remove the early bird discount.  We hope you will support those efforts with continued membership this year and more efforts on your own properties.

COVID-19 of course had significant impacts on our community.  Many thanks to the Board and community members who served on our beach committee to revise protocols that can be deployed if Covid conditions require them for the coming summer beach season. We hope you will support these new protocols that are intended to make it possible for all of our residents to enjoy our beaches and lake.  One hopes with the incredible vaccine progress made in Alpine County that most of our residents will be safer this summer!

As I said in my candidate’s statement our community commitment to inclusiveness remains a high priority for me.  We see many renters and visitors to our lovely home away from home.  They come for all of the reasons we do. And while we must continue to work to address some negative’s that flow from higher traffic, these visitors are, like my family once was, future owners who will create the diverse ownership tapestry that will allow Bear Valley to thrive long into the future.

Your input is welcome on these issues or other matters facing the Bear Valley community.  Please reach out to me or other members of the BVRI board to let us know what we could do better, or to share your ideas for helping Bear Valley to thrive.  And if you haven’t already, please become a member of BVRI – your membership helps us support Bear Valley.

Thank your for your commitment to this amazing place. Together we will face 2021 as we did 2020: with determination, patience and grace. But honestly let’s hope less patience is required of us this year!

Steve Schwabauer, BVRI Board President
March 2021