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President’s Message

BVRI President Message
March 2023
I would like to first of all thank our previous board President, Steve Schwabauer for his leadership these last couple of years.  It is a challenge leading a group of 15 volunteers who invest their time and energy on 8 different committees!  I hope to continue the leadership examples before me..
My family and I have been a part of “Bear Valley for almost 30 years.  Initially, we arrived as a young family eager to engage in both winter and summer experiences.  We also found ways to support the community, taking advantage of the many volunteer opportunities here as well.  We came to Bear Valley, as do others, with our own perspective and priorities.  With that in mind, I hope our community continues to attract a wide range of new homeowners, visitors and guests.  We also encourage community members to volunteer on our committees and to reach out with suggestions for improvements.
Our number one focus continues to be the reduction of fire risk.  We have seen our community come together in addressing this issue by the contributions made to our fire mitigation fund.  I want to thank Tom Fraser and Curt Wozniak for spearheading this effort and establishing our 5013C Fuel Reduction Program.  We have raised over $160,000 so far.  With our partnership with J’s Tree Service we have been able to reduce our fire risk in our common areas.  Unfortunately, this will continue to be an issue as we fight climate challenges and its effects on our forests.  I would also like to thank our community members and board members who volunteer for our annual lot inspections.  We appreciate your continued support in these efforts.  Your input is welcome.
BVRII continues to review our by-laws and CC&Rs to improve the ways we can support our village.  Some of these ways currently are through our financial support of the post office, donations towards our annual fireworks, organizing our annual picnic, maintaining the 2 beaches and providing guidelines/requirements to home relate construction.  And of course please show your commitment to the community by joining or renewing your membership for 2023.
Thank you
Jill Wegenstein

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