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President’s Message, March 2024

Dear BVRI Community:

As BVRI embarks on our fiscal 2024, I’d like to thank Jill Wegenstein for her leadership as last year’s President and in her many years on the board. I’m grateful that as I take on the role of President, Jill will serve as Vice President — thank you, Jill! I look forward to working alongside all our returning board members and getting to know our two new board members, not to mention the many volunteers who support our efforts to sustain and improve our friendly, collaborative, and civic-minded community.

I’d like to give special appreciation to three board members who are leaving BVRI’s board after many years of service. First, thank you to Tom Fraser for leading our 5013c Common Area Fuel Reduction Program and for previously serving as President. The program raised more than $175,000 and thanks to Jay’s Tree Service’s hard work, there are significantly fewer dead and hazardous trees in Bear Valley common areas. I’m proud to be part of a community that recognizes an important issue and works together with other volunteers to make such a big impact in creative and collaborative ways. Given that the program has achieved its goals, we’ve decided to suspend fund-raising efforts in 2024, and review if we believe there is a need in the future.

Colin McKee, thank you for all that you’ve brought to our board through your past presidency and other leadership efforts. Last year Colin led the summer picnic initiative (it’s no small feat!), which resulted in a wonderful level of community engagement shared by BVRI members, guests and non-members alike. Community is what makes BV so special for so many!

Lastly, thank you Ann Porteus, for your unwavering support in many aspects, specifically membership. In 2023 we were at an all-time high for participation, securing funds for the many critical programs that we invest in, support, and create enjoyment in our community — including but not limited to the Post Office, Bear Lake beach maintenance and improvement efforts, and donations to the Music Festival and fireworks.

As we look forward to this year, we remain excited about the new Bear Valley mountain resort ownership and community collaboration with Tim Cohee and team. As a board and community, we benefit from so many of our strong partnerships with county representatives, the Bear Valley Business Association, the Adventure Company, the Music Festival, and others in and around Bear Valley.

As we get ready for the rest of this year I encourage people to join or renew your membership in BVRI for 2024. If you have ideas about how to support and improve Bear Valley, please reach out and provide your input. We’re also looking for volunteers to help organize the summer picnic. We appreciate everyone’s effort and energy, from small to big ways. It truly takes a village to build community.

Sue Olson, with glassesWarmly,

Sue Olson

Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: Aug. 31

Time: 4pm

Location: In person in Bear Valley, possibly hybrid/Zoom. Details to follow.

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