Keeping Bear Valley residents
informed and involved.


Bear Valley Residents, Inc. (BVRI) was established under the Articles of Incorporation when the Bear Valley village was initially developed. BVRI is a non-profit organization formed for the benefit of Bear Valley property owners and others who wish to join.

Your membership dues fund many important community activities; see below. To become a BVRI member, one must join afresh each year. There are two parts to joining: filling out the form and paying your dues, via PayPal (using credit card or direct debit) or check. Our fiscal year begins March 1.

The 2024 dues are $150 from March 1 until May 31; starting June 1 they will increase to $195. Membership for 2024 closes on Dec. 31, 2024.


Why Join BVRI?

  • You must be a member for you, your guests, and/or your renters to use Bear Lake’s BVRI-maintained beaches for swimming, boating, or fishing. 
  • BVRI dues fund many important activities! (See below.) 
  • Membership allows you to vote for BVRI board members and related business. Dues must be paid by December 31. One vote per property for Class A, and B1 members.
  • Have a voice in our representation at the county level
  • We keep our members and their named contacts updated via BVRI e mail blasts — anyone can also join these through the BVRI website.

Community Activities Supported by BVRI Dues

  • Annual lot inspections and other fire mitigation efforts
  • The Bear Valley Post Office and postmaster
  • The Fourth of July community picnic
  • Bear Lake isurance and beach amenities: picnic tables, bearproof trash cans, boat racks, volleyball net and sand, and portable toilets 
  • The beach attendant, to make sure the beach can be enjoyed by all BVRI members
  • Bear Lake water quality testing, to preserve our state exemption for swimming
  • Hosting and maintenance of, which keeps Bear Valley residents informed and involved
  • Enforcement of new subdivision’s CC&Rs and design standards.
  • Financial support for the Bear Valley Music Festival, the New Year’s fireworks, trail maintenance, etc. as our budget allows.
  • Legal advice for BVRI-related issues.

Who Does a BVRI Membership Cover?

  • The annual dues cover an entire household for each property registered.  That is, membership dues are based on the property, not on number of owners (or family members) associated with that property.
  • Joint Owners:  All joint owners are considered members in good standing once dues are paid on a given property by one of the joint owners. (For voting purposes there can be only one vote per lot.  There is a place on the membership form to designate who that person shall be.)
  • Owners of more than one lot: Owners of more than one property who wish to pay membership dues for each property owned must fill out a separate membership form for each property. You will need to have a different email for each lot if you want a vote for each property you own.

Classes of Membership

  • Class A:  Property Owners of lots 1 – 426 (excluding lots 412 – 415), which are subject to the CC&Rs and lessees of one year or more for said properties. Class A members (one person per lot) have voting privileges for Board elections, items related to CC&Rs, and other BVRI-related business.
  • Class B1: Condo owners, “Old Subdivision” owners, lot owners not in Class A (including lots 412 – 415), Granite Ridge owners, and lessees of one year or more for said properties. Class B1 members (one person per lot/condo) have voting privileges on non-CC&R-related matters such as Board elections.
  • Class B2:  Short-term lessees of Class A properties. No voting privileges
  • Associate: Friends and supporters of Bear Valley who do not fall into the categories above, including non-property owners and B1 short-term lessees.  No voting privileges.


Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: May 19

Time: 4pm

Location: Zoom. Non-board members must register and request the zoom link, which will be emailed before the meeting:

Upcoming Events

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NOTE: The events listed here are not necessarily affiliated with BVRI. This calendar is provided as a service to the community. If you would like to list (or update) an event, please email