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Bear Lake Task Force Update: What’s Ahead for summer 2021

In September 2020, the BVRI board formed a task force to evaluate policy options for the lake beaches for summer 2021, given the possibility that the COVID pandemic may still be ongoing.  While there is optimism that vaccinations may have driven case rates below any level for concern by the summer, we took the view that it would be better to be prepared.

The task force conducted a survey of the BVRI membership over the holidays and had discussions with legal counsel about lake policies.  The survey data showed a wide range of opinions across the community on a number of key topics, including assessment of conditions at the beaches in 2020, the level of support for different ideas to limit beach visitors if COVID is still a problem this summer, whether we should have more rules or fewer, and willingness to pay higher fees to BVRI.  

On the basis of the survey and deliberations within the task force and the board, the board has compiled a list of potential actions that BVRI could take to limit crowding at the beaches if COVID is still an issue this summer.  These actions can be implemented based on case rates and risk levels, much like the state tiering system that has been in place for the past year.  Two actions that will certainly be taken include (1) attempting to hire a second attendant for the little beach, at least for weekends and holidays, and (2) ending lodge guest use of the lake.  As separately communicated, the board also raised membership dues to $150 for 2021 to cover anticipated higher expenses with a second beach attendant plus other improvements and tree clearing on BVRI property.

The survey yielded a list of ideas for other improvements that the board and the broader community can potentially undertake in coming years. More on that to follow.

Colin McKee, Task Force Chair

Next BVRI Board Meeting:

Date: TBD



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